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Nemo/IRC Chatter

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IRC Chatter

IRC Chatter is a lightweight, touch-friendly IRC client aimed at touchscreen devices. IRC Chatter is based on Qt, QML, and its backend uses libcommuni, a Qt-based IRC client library.

IRC Chatter is free and open source software licensed under the terms of GPLv2+. (Some parts are licensed under LGPL.)


IRC Chatter was born from the necessity to have an awesome IRC app on MeeGo. The platform didn't support previous software technologies like GTK+ or QWidgets, so it was necessary to create one in QML. This was the first IRC client for the platform and has gone a long way since then: now it's the official IRC client of Nemo Mobile, and enjoys popularity in the community.

The author of the app is Timur Kristóf (aka. Venemo)

Contributors are:

  • Hiemanshu Sharma (aka. hiemanshu)
  • László Papp (aka. djszapi)
  • Johannes Siipola (aka. joppu) created the icon

Special thanks to:

  • Misha Ketslah (aka. ZogG)
  • Ryan Abel (aka. GeneralAntilles)
  • Javier S. Pedro (aka. javispedro)


You can ask your questions from us directly on IRC, on Freenode.

  • #irc-chatter is the official channel for IRC Chatter
  • #nemomobile is the channel for Nemo related discussions, feel free to ask about IRC Chatter there too


Latest version

Bugs, feature requests

  • Please use the Nemo bugzilla to report them
    • File your bug under the "Applications" / "IRC client" category

Platform support

It should work on any platform but its current UI is dependent on the MeeGo Qt Components.

  • Nemo Mobile
  • Plasma Active
  • Harmattan

Hacking on IRC Chatter

Useful links


  • The usual Qt mantra
    • 'qmake'
    • 'make'


  • Qt >= 4.7.x
  • Qt Quick 1.1
  • qt-components (the MeeGo variant)
  • libcommuni
    • NOTE: because of Nokia Store packaging requirements, the necessary parts of the Communi library are embedded into the executable
    • NOTE: the author of Communi has also created his own IRC client app, which is not to be confused with IRC Chatter
  • libmeegotouch
    • NOTE: IRC Chatter only uses MTF for notifications. This is something that can be easily patched out. The app does not use MTF for any other purpose.
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