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How can I help?

This Qt5 porting effort is part of the bigger effort consisting of moving Nemomobile from Qt4/X11 to Qt5/Wayland.

  • First of all, to be able to contribute you need to setup a Nemo Wayland VM development environment. To do that, read [1]
  • Once you have Nemo Wayland VM and SB2 target working, use GitHub website to fork the app you want to port and clone your fork on your pc
  • Edit code, packaging files, whatever you want
  • Run this command INSIDE THE MER SDK to build the .rpm package:
mb2 -t SB2_TARGET_NAME build rpm/spec_file_of_your_app.spec

or just(if there only one spec file in ./rpm catalog):

mb2 -t SB2_TARGET_NAME build

This will create an .rpm package with your (modified) app.

  • scp the app over to the VM
  • Connect to the VM via ssh and run
zypper install path_of_the_rpm_file/file.rpm

to install the package you just created.

  • Start the app by tapping on its icon in the VM (you may have problems trying to run it directly from SSH) and check that the app is working as expected
  • If you're annoyed by the lack of theme graphics (no toolbars etc), perform this hack (full solution underway):
zypper in meegotouch-theme-darko
zypper ar qt-comp
zypper dup --from qt-comp
  • Once you have finished your Qt5 port, create a Pull Request on github, and wait for a reviewer to review your code :)
  • This is all, thank you very much for contributing! :)

Status of Qt5 core apps ports

This is the current status of the Qt5 ports of Nemomobile core apps!

Please come join us! Checkout the qmlcalc Repo link to see what a Qt5 port usually consists of! :)

Package name Current status Assigned to Repository URL
qmlcalc Done! faenil
voicecall-ui-reference (Dialer) Done! faenil
qmlnotes Done! faenil
qmlcalendar Done! sledgeSim
fingerterm Done! (also added orientation modes) special/faenil
qmlmessages Done! timoha from Nomovok
qmlpackagemanager Done niqt, timoha
qmlmaps Done! locusf Qt location requires API keys
qmlpinquery Done! sledgeSim
qmlmusicplayer Done! locusf
qmlfilemuncher Done! locusf
qmlcontacts Done! timoha from Nomovok
qmlgallery Done! locusf
qmlmail Done! locusf
browser: cutefox-qt5 Done before we knew it! (upstream) We'll need to IceFox-it though ;) `zypper in cutefox-qt5`
qmlsettings Done! locusf
qmlclock Done! SanttuM from Nomovok
orientation Done! zbenjamin,
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