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This pages guides how one can report bugs that are present in Nemo.


Create bugzilla account

First thing to do is to get account for Nemo bugzilla. To do this first go to page and click [create an account] link that is above icons, this link takes you to the merproject bugzilla for a purpose as the user database is shared with Mer project. After giving your email address and desired username you get further instructions to your e-mail after a moment. In that e-mail there is more instructions about changing your password and activating your account.

Login to Nemo bugzilla

To login to Nemo bugzilla you click the the Log in link in the page and after that enter your username and password to the fields and click Log in.

Reporting bugs

To report a bug first one needs to click the File a bug icon or New link on the top after which user is moved to product selection. The product in this context doesn't mean an actual device product but a kind of subcategory to which one can file bugs. For Nemo there are at the time of writing this four (4) different bugzilla products "Applications", "Hardware Adaptation", "Middleware" and "MTF UX". Description of each product is shown after the product which tells you what kind of things belong to this product. Also it is not critical to select the absolute one as the bug can be moved later to better place if needed.

Bugzilla Products


All bugs related to applications (Exceptions: Settings) that are launched from the application view (Example: should be filed under this category.

Hardware Adaptation

If bug is related to Hardware adaptation such as N900, N950, i586 etc. the bug should be filed here. These bugs are usually bugs that do not belong to any other bugzilla product and are only reproducible on certain hardware. Usually if you can see something wrong with the UX it belongs to other category than this.


Bugs related to some of the middleware components are filed here, e.g., Maliit (VKB) or resource policy management. See list of packages from OBS:


Everything related to UI that isn't part of any of the applications is more or less the MTF UX, Locscreen , systemui, settings, home screen etc.

After selecting Product

Lets assume that bug from File Manager application was found and you want to report it. You select Applications product and after that from the Components list you select the most suitable component, as File Manager application has its own component "File Manager" component is selected. Other fields can be left as they are for now until "Summary" field where one writes short description about the bug, e.g., "Don't give possibility to rename file if user doesn't have permissions to do so".

After writing summary it is good to write more detailed description to "Description" field, e.g.,

Image that was used when problem occurred, Device that was used when problem occurred and most importantly steps how to reproduce the problem so application developer can easily test and find the problem. If you have picture of the problem you should add it as an attachement, but that is not necessary if the description of the problem is detailed enough.

When the description is written the one clicks "Submit Bug" button and the report is done. When ever the bug status is changed or comment is added you will be notified about the fact if you haven't disabled the email notifications from your preferences (Preferences->Email Preferences).

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