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Nemo/Roadmap new

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Nemo Roadmap

Current tasks

  • Glacier development
    • Glacier core logic
      • glacier-home
        • merging devel into master
          • fix landscape
          • implement 2 sims
          • fix control center
          • fix renaming
          • fix deleting
          • fix ordering of applications at first start
          • implement open corresponding app by click at notifications
          • fix controls bugs
      • implement full-feature Settings
    • Glacier new UI
  • building full Nemo image without proprietary Jolla packages
    • i486
    • armv7
    • aarch64
  • Mer core packages update
    • Qt update (including QQC2)
    • GCC update
    • other
  • create compatibility level with SFOS (OpenSilica)
  • move Glacier on top of Arch Linux / Debian / OpenSUSE
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