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Nemo/Wayland status matrix

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The aim of this webpage is to have a good idea about what is working or not (yet) under Wayland.

Please feel free to change the status and comment about it.

Feature Current status Brief comment Assigned to URL
Voice calls Works Works ok in wayland, both calling and receiving calls. locusf
SMS Partial Maliit is broken so sending is difficult, receiving works ok though.
Calculator Works need to check debug message though
Lockscreen Works Double tap works, time is on time :)
Status bar No Not showing anything
Shutting down screen Works Beautiful
Ringtones IN and OUT No
Vibration Alert No
Wifi Yes
Orientation No
Audio Untested filip_:Hi to all - I've just completed porting of audio to 3.5 kernel on N9 filip_
Data connections Untested
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