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* [[OBS projects setup]] work in progress
* [[OBS projects setup]] work in progress
* [[Mer OBS Build]] work in progress
* [[Mer OBS Build]] work in progress
* [[Meet Mer]] Community Dashboard - work in progess

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Introduction to Mer

Mer aims to be a FOSS, inclusive, meritocratically governed and openly developed Core optimised for HTML5/QML/JS, providing a mobile-optimised base distribution for use by device manufacturers. Mer is based upon the work from the Core section of the MeeGo project and aims to share effort and code together with the Tizen project once Tizen tools and code are publicly available.

We have some clear goals:

  • To be openly developed and governed as a meritocracy -- see Governance for details
  • That the primary customers of the platform are device vendors – not end-users. info
  • To have a device manufacturer oriented structure, processes and tools: make life easy for them
  • To provide a device oriented architecture, see Architecture for details
  • To be inclusive of technologies (such as MeeGo/Tizen/Qt/EFL/HTML5)
  • To innovate in the mobile OS space

About Mer Technology

There is an "About Mer" page for many of the concepts you'll come across when dealing with Mer. Each of the links should give you a brief summary of the concept and links to more detailed information.

End Users

If you want to install and use Mer on a device then you probably need a product built on Mer. There are actually a few to choose from already:


If you're interested in why Mer is right for you then please approach Carsten Munk or David Greaves. We'll be putting some material up that should focus on the benefits that Mer offers.


The resources below should help. In particular we have Contribution and Contribution in detail pages.


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