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Nemo logotype


Nemo Mobile

Nemo Mobile is a Linux distribution for mobile, which continues MeeGo Community Edition project.

One of the main goals of Nemo is to replace closed source proprietary components (such as UX) of Sailfish OS and create truly open source community driven mobile OS and applications.

Nemo uses Mer as core and Glacier UX as graphics interface. Now we are creating the new stage of Nemo based on qtquickcontrols-nemo Glacier UX.

Nemo Mobile is currently in development. Some features and apps are still missing for end-users on the devices. If you're willing to help, any contribution is appreciated.


How to try

You can try Nemo at any device, which can run Salfish OS (both official and unofficial images): see Adaptations/libhybris. Also it's possible to run Nemo in VirtualBox.

The easiest way to try Nemo is to follow instructions here using latest Sailfish OS.


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