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Nemo Glacier UI

Glacier UI is the next interface for Nemo mobile. It is a new UI, created and built by the community, and made with latest technologies like Qt 5 and Wayland. For developing use libglacierapp and QtQuickcontrols-Nemo

Try it

On phone

Before using glacier ux you may understand - it only for testing, not for everyday using. INSTALL developer mode before experimenting with Glacier and follow the instructions


On Virtual box you can use this image

Build image youself

For build glacier image use Sailfish SDK and this nemo-clean.ks file.

In first we must update mic in sdk

SDK# sudo su
SDK# zypper ar -G mer-up
SDK# zypper ar -G mer-tools
SDK# zypper ref
SDK# zypper in mic

Build command is

SDK# export PORT_ARCH=aarch64 #replace to you arch
SDK# sudo mic create fs --arch=$PORT_ARCH --tokenmap=ARCH:$PORT_ARCH --record-pkgs=name,url --outdir=nemo-test --pack-to=nemo_test-$PORT_ARCH.tar.bz2 nemo_clean.ks

Core applications

Application Screenshot git link
libglacierapp N/A [1]
Home Glacier-home screenshot.jpgGlacier-home lockscreen-screenshot.jpgGlacier-home notify-screenshot.jpg [2]
Dialer Glacier-dialer screenshot.jpg [3]
Messaging Glacier-messages screenshot.jpg [4]
Contacts Contacts screenshot.jpg [5]
Settings Glacier-settings screenshot.jpg [6]
Gallery Glacier-gallery screenshot.jpg [7]
Music Glacier-music screenshot.jpg [8]
Keyboard Glacier-keyboard screenshot.jpg


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