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* [[Nemo/Glacier]] - Work in Progress!
* [[Nemo/Glacier]] - Work in Progress!
* [[Nemo old | Old main page (for history)]]
* [[Nemo old | Old main page]] (for history)

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Nemo logotype


Nemo Mobile

Nemo Mobile is a Linux distribution for mobile devices. Nemo uses Mer as core and Glacier UX as graphics interface.

The Nemo Mobile project continues the work started in the MeeGo Community Edition to create open community driven OS and apps. Now creating new stage of Nemo based on qtquickcontrols-nemo Glacier UX.

Nemo Mobile is currently in development. Some features and apps are still missing for end-users on the devices. If you're willing to help, any contribution is appreciated.

Visit Nemo/App Goups for guide available packages group of Nemo.


Ping us in this order:




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