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Nemo Mobile

Nemo Mobile is a Linux distribution for mobile devices.

Nemo uses Mer as core and the UX was originally based on MeeGo Handset UX, but is now using [[1]].

The Nemo Mobile project continues the work started in the MeeGo Community Edition to create open community driven OS and apps.

Currently initial Nemo port exists for Nokia N900 and N950/N9 devices. There is also some support for Google Nexus 7, Pandaboard, and x86 based tablets/netbooks like ExoPC.


tl;dr: status matrix

Nemo Mobile is currently in development. Some features and apps are still missing for end-users on the devices. If your willing to help, any contribution is appreciated.



  • Nemo Contributor Meeting every Tuesday at 10:00 UTC, 13:00 UTC+3 (Finland) at #mer-meeting
  • Weekly error triage meeting every Monday at 7:00 UTC, 10:00 UTC+3 (Finland) at #mer-meeting

Installing & Updating

Visit Nemo/Installing for a guide to install Nemo Mobile on your device. This page also has information on how to set up a virtual machine with the Nemo x86 image, enabling you to check out Nemo even if you don't own a device. Supplementary install information and links are included in that page, too.

Visit Nemo/Updating for guide how to update existing installation of Nemo Mobile.


Source repositories

Nemo Mobile has two organizations in the github. These two orginazations are nemomobile and nemobile-packages.

nemomobile contains packages/components/configs/etc. where nemo is the upstream project. This organization can be found from Should be also noted that packages in nemomobile have also packaging information in them which is using the tar_git service. More information about that can be found from our development page.

The nemomobile-packages is meant only for packaging information for packages which contain upstream somewhere else and can be found from These are packaged either with git_pkg or with tar_git with submodules.

Also there are various upstream repositories around the internet which are used.

As Nemo is using Mer as a base one should also remember to look those repositories at



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