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* [[Quality/Tutorials/Testing_with_SDK_to_VM]]
* [[Quality/ExecuteTests|Execute tests]]
* [[Quality/ExecuteTests|Execute tests]]
* [[Quality/TestDefinitionHowTo|Writing test-definition XMLs]]
* [[Quality/TestDefinitionHowTo|Writing test-definition XMLs]]

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[edit] Quality

[edit] QA tools

QA tools used in Mer:


[edit] ToDo

1. Test automation and tools

  1. Automatic smoke testing
    1. Create test automation virtual image ( HowTo)
    2. Setup test automation environment (Yunta from Jolla is working on this)
    3. Create smoke test plan (Test plans)
    4. QA-reports for test result reporting (MER-244, phaeron)
  2. testrunner-ui refactorin (MER-436, timoph)
  3. TDriver in Qt5 (MER-439, Paimen)
  4. TDriver with QtQuick 2.0 (MER-440, Paimen)
  5. Design to identify test constraints (MER-317, not taken)
  6. Netconsole for debugging, (not taken)

2. Test coverage

  1. Create a coverage chart/table for core packages (Test coverage)

3. Mer Dashboard

  1. Mer dashboard (Mer-429, kyyberi and lbt)

4. Documentation

  1. Create Category:About pages for tools and processes
  2. Create a documentation how to contribute to the QA tests

List of all bugs and tasks in QA area.

[edit] Contact

[edit] Meetings

[edit] Future topics

  • Test coverage

[edit] Minutes

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